Building My Own IR Sauna Part 2 – Sauna Types

Here I just discuss what I’ve learned about the different types of saunas out there and why you may choose one over the other. *Added Note: Those with heart conditions should be especially careful using things like Dry Sauna. The temps can get really high and potentially cause cardiac arrhythmia. Infrared may be gentler for these folks, but definitely engage it slowly. Obviously, with your Doctor aware you’re beginning a sauna therapy protocol. Cited Refs: 1) Dr Lawrence Wilson website for "Sauna Therapy" : 2) Dr Wilson offers free Sauna panels (schematic): 3) "Sauna Therapy" book. 1st Chapter Free: 4) Build Your Own Sauna Panel Video (which lead me to the book) : 5) Cutler on Heavenly Heat Saunas and Do-It-Yourself: – "Regular sauna, heavenly heat brand saunas, the do it yourself ir sauan where you use a bunch of heat lamps in your bathroom, these are all fine." 6) Heavenly Heat Saunas: 7) Dietrich Klinghardt talking about "EMF Smog" and mold illness in a Mercola Interview: 8) Dr Klinghardt Presentation on HPU/KPU. Sleep Sanctuary as a means to reduce EMF exposure is discussed (RE: children with autism) at 9:30m:

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