Response To Oregon State Representative Mitch Greenlick RE: Proposed Nicotine Bill

News articles Holy smokes! Oregon Democrat wants prescription-only cigarettes Oregon: You Might Need A Prescription For Those Cigarettes Soon Representative Mitch Greenlick D-Portland District 33 Homepage Email- Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-493 Salem, OR 97301 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1433 District Address: 412 NW Couch St #104 Portland, OR 97209 District Phone: 503-297-2416 GMO Dangers 5 Health Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup: Dr Mercola has a plethora of links here for more information: BPAs The Shocking Dangers of MSG That you May Not Know, by Dr Mercola Trans Fat: What Exactly is it and Why is it so dangerous- Dr Mercola reports: Fluoride in water kills cells – (lovely clip depicting results of government testing and the fact that they KNOW the effects of fluoride on human cells) Fukushima-Fairwinds Energy Education (see Arnie Gunderson) Rosalind Peterson’s California Skywatch / Agriculture Defense Coalition What in the world are they spraying? – Geo Engineering – FULL MOVIE :

Source: YouTube

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