Dr. Steve Ronco: Thinking of Getting a Flu Shot?

www.TheCarmelValleyLife.com http With "Flu Season" around the corner Dr. Steve Ronco and David from The Carmel Valley Life, discuss the question "Are you thinking of getting a flu shot?" Before getting the flu vaccine this season, ask yourself the following questions: What is the flu? What is the flu vaccine? What is in a flu vaccine? Are there reactions the flu vaccine? What steps can I take to stay healthy naturally? The health and wellness decisions you make for your family are very personal. In recent years the topic of vaccination has become controversial and is highly debated. The most important factor surrounding the topic of whether to get a flu shot, or any other vaccination, is doing the appropriate research. At Torrey Hills Chiropractic, we encourage our patients, and the Carmel Valley Community, to make informed decisions regarding their families’ health. We’ve included two great links to help answer some of your questions on the flu and how to stay healthy naturally! www.nvic.org/Vaccines-and-Diseases/Influenza.aspx www.mercola.com/Downloads/bonus/beat-the-flu-without-a-shot/report.aspx Music: "High School Snaps" by Broke For Free (brokeforfree.com ______________________________________________________________ Dr. Steve Ronco is a Wellness Doctor & Family Chiropractor located in the Torrey Hills Marketplace in Carmel Valley San Diego. Dr. Ronco is committed to providing a level of care that nurtures and supports the true nature of health. This involves <b>…</b>

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