Something All Families Should See… Will Affect Many Generations To Come

This has been edited from their full version of Part 2 of Part 2 on Youtube. It also has some graphics. This is a new topic, that will be a main topic, as soon as someone takes hold of it like a dog with a bone. This is a eye-opening situation that is only going to get worse. And it may have been affecting our life for sometime now. Take a look and start to researching it yourself. You will be alarmed at what we have been eating for sometime. And when Dr. Huber hits Dr. Mercola with something out of the blue, you know we are in for some real problems. With animals, we are also seeing what this toxic chemical (glyphosate) has and is doing right now. It is killing our bee population and more. Poland and France have given exit visas to Monsanto– and for good reason. But that is your Titan. Where they are stationed in almost every phase of our government. Even the Supreme Court has a former employee.

Source: YouTube

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