Peak 8 – Sprint 8 Exercises on the Beach with Victor Dorfman

This is the "sprint 8", aka "peak 8" protocol recommended by Drs. Joseph Mercola and Dough McGuff. The original instructions are: 1. Do 30 seconds of all-out running (or cycling, etc.) 2. Recover while moving at a light pace for 90 seconds 8. Repeat for a total of 8 times I didn’t follow theses instructions TO THE "T", but the point is to do each sprint until you can’t go any further and you’re gasping for breath. Because you’re only recovering for 90 seconds (not enough to FULLY recover), and then fatiguing yourself again 8 times, this creates oxygen debt which your body is trying desperately to pay back. This "peak fitness" protocol causes a massive secretion of growth hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland. An 8 week study by Phil Cambpell et al reported up to 700% increases in HGH secretion. HGH is also known as "the fitness hormone" and has anti-aging and body recomposition properties. In other words…this workout kicks ass! And it only takes 20 minutes. It’s difficult though…and you may have to work your way up to 8 sprints. Please leave your comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts! – Victor Dorfman ps I’ll put the link for the Six Pack Success eBook prelaunch mailing list up soon! pps The way protein I was talking about is called "True Whey" ™ and can be found here: Alternatively, Dr. Mercola’s Whey is excellent as well: (affiliate link) (not an affiliate link)

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