Sources Of Vitamin D Plays A Major Role In Your Overall Health Choosing the proper sources of Vitamin D is critical to your overall health because it actually influences over 2000 of our total body’s 30000 genes! How crazy is that? The proper sources of Vitamin D also help support your immune system, help the regulation of insulin by your pancreas and contributes to your heart and blood pressure regulation as well as muscle strength and brain activity. How’s that for an all star line up! Twenty years ago less than 2% of the population was Vitamin D deficient, today it’s closer to 85%!!! The media an some so called experts continue to pound on the fact that the sun is bad for you and to stay out of it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We, as humans, absolutely need the sun. It as important as water to our long term health. The reason the statistics have risen dramatically with people being vitamin D deficient is two fold. First, you are not getting enough natural sun exposure and second, chem trails…Chem Trails, in case you haven’t heard this term, they are real and destructive! As promised from the Video, here is the natural form of Vitamin D to supplement with; natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) And here is the link to make sure you take the right test to check your levels of Vitamin D; And, here is the link for a "safe tanning bed" in the comfort in your own home. Our coupon code for is CUR067, just plug it in at checkout and receive <b>…</b>

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