Explanation of “Chemtrails” + Tibetan Singing Bowl – READ DESCRIPTION.

LINK TO ASPARTAME DANGERS: aspartame.mercola.com Sorry guys, writing this at 8 in the morning after getting 6 hours sleep so pretty tired. Umm this is just of me talking about why chemtrails are not real, and that there is a PERFECT EXPLANATION as to why they 1. Last longer in the sky than normal contrails, 2. Make grid, X or cross-hatch patterns, and 3. Spread out into cirrus clouds although I do believe governments are being unfair in several other ways, however chemtrails in my opinion are just an incorrect conspiracy theory, whereas some others are true. IF YOU HAVE EVIDENCE, to support that chemtrails are real, I do NOT want to see it unless it is COMPLETE PROOF. IF you have evidence that they are FAKE, just like I think they are, then please by all means share your ideas. I AM PUTTING UP THIS VIDEO TO TRY TO EXPLAIN YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THINGS COMING FROM THE SKY. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR EYES TO THE GROUND MOST OF THE TIME, AS THIS IS WHERE A LOT OF THE DANGER IS COMING FROM. PS IF you write any comment that I, or other users may find offensive, I will NOT approve it, so please, don’t waste your time being a stupid troll. And in the video there will also be (at the beginning and end) a small clip of me showing you my Tibetan singing bowl, which is pretty cool :3 PEACE!!!

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